Under Shelf Lighting and Cabinet Lights

Under Shelf Lighting

Under-shelf lighting is available as either spotlights or LED strips – available in various sizes to suit all kitchen units, cupboards or shelves.

Spotlight options are available in LED varieties, as warm white or cool white colour options.

If a continuous lighting pool or coloured lighting is required, then LED strips are the preferred option.

In most cases, a single lighting source can be used for under-cupboard lighting, as they can often be looped onto each other in sequence.

Useful Lighting – Exactly Where You Need It

For versatile under-shelf lighting, consider using bases to mount your fixtures. Bases provide a stable, discreet platform that can be easily attached beneath shelves, cabinets or countertops.

This allows you to position the lights exactly where you need them without damaging the surface. Bases come in various materials, from metal to plastic, to seamlessly integrate with your existing decor.

With a base-mounted setup, you can freely adjust the angle and height of the lights to optimise the illumination for your specific space and needs.

This modular approach gives you the flexibility to create custom, functional lighting solutions throughout your home.

Types of Under-Shelf Lighting

In addition to strip lighting, other types of under-shelf lighting include:

  • Puck Lights: Circular, disk-shaped LED lights that can be recessed, surface-mounted or attached with a base. They offer focused, downward-facing illumination.
  • Bar Lights: Longer, linear LED fixtures that span the width of a shelf. They deliver brighter, more directional lighting.
  • Tape Lights: Ultra-thin, self-adhesive LED tapes that are highly flexible and easy to install in tight spaces.
  • Motion-Activated Lights: Lights that turn on automatically when movement is detected. They are great for dark cabinets or closets.
  • Plug-In Fixtures: Hardwired or plug-in under-shelf lights that provide reliable illumination.

Under-Shelf Lighting for Every Room in the Home

Under-shelf lighting is versatile and can benefit a variety of rooms throughout the home:


  • Under-cabinet lighting illuminates work surfaces and highlights backsplashes.
  • Providing ample task lighting for food prep and cooking.


  • Lights up vanities and mirror areas for grooming routines.
  • Can brighten dark cabinet interiors.

Home Office

  • Illuminates bookshelves, display cabinets and workspaces.
  • Provides focused lighting for tasks while reducing eye strain.

Living Room

  • Highlights display shelves, bookcases and media centres.
  • Creates a warm, inviting ambience.

Closets & Pantries

  • Brightens dark interiors, making contents more visible.
  • Motion-activated lights are especially helpful in these spaces.

Laundry Room

  • Illuminates shelves for sorting, folding and organising.

The key is placing the lighting where it's most needed, to improve visibility, highlight specific areas and create a more functional, welcoming environment.

Under-shelf lights are a practical, space-saving way to enhance lighting in any room.

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