PIR Motion Detector Sensors For Interior Use

IS1 PIR Sensor
IS1 PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. The IS 1 has a tilt and swivel sensor allowing exact adjustment of the detection zone to suit individual r...
IS NM360 Black Steinel PIR Sensor
IS NM360 Black Steinel PIR Sensor. Black Square IP54 rated outdoor PIR sensor. It's concealed controls permit an almost new kind of functional flexibility. Th...
IS180 2 Pir Sensor
IS180 2 Pir Sensor. 3 variants available. 180° PIR sensor. IP54 rated. 1000w Max (Tungsten) or 500w Max (Fluorescent). Manufactured by Stein...
Steinel IS140 2 PIR Sensor
Steinel IS140 2 PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. The IS 140-2 PIR sensor detects people with even greater accuracy and provides a u...
IS3180 Silver Wall Mounted Sensor
IS3180 Silver Wall Mounted Sensor. IP54 rated stainless steel effect finish wall mounted sensor, ideal for expansive premises and fronts of buildings. Angle of c...
IS2180 5 Pir Sensor
IS2180 5 Pir Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated wall mounted sensor. Angle of coverage: 180° horizontally, 90° vertical, Reach 1-20m...
IS240 Duo PIR Sensor
IS240 Duo PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated wall mounted sensor, ideal for large house fronts. Angle of coverage: 240° horizont...
TWSW Twilight Dusk Till Dawn Switch
TWSW Twilight Dusk Till Dawn Switch. A very high quality outdoor light switch that is dusk to dawn sensitive. Will automatically switch on your lights once it&...
IS360 Trio PIR Sensor
IS360 Trio PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated ceiling mounted sensor, ideal all-round detection. Angle of coverage: 360° horizo...
HF360 UP Indoor Motion Detector
HF360 UP Indoor Motion Detector. IP20 rated concealed high-frequency sensor, ideal for stairwells, hallways & bathrooms, finished in white, with coverage angle...
DUSW Dusk Switch Outdoor Sensor
DUSW Dusk Switch Outdoor Sensor. Switches lights on at dusk and off at a chosen period. Ideal for outdoor lighting during the evening, for security and convenience. It is 2-16 ho...
IS300 Pir Sensor
IS300 Pir Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated wall mounted sensor, ideal for monitoring corners. Angle of coverage: 300° horizontally, 18...
IR 180 UP Indoor Motion Detector
IR 180 UP Indoor Motion Detector. IP20 rated white finish concealed infrared sensor, ideal for corridors & Kitchens. Angle of coverage: 180° with 90 degre...
BLS IP20 PIR Sensor Unit
BLS IP20 PIR Sensor Unit. Indoor PIR sensor finished in white. Behind the multi-lens there's a sensor system made up of three parallel-connected, highly sensitive pyro sen...

Passive Infrared Sensors For Interior Motion Detection

Motion detecting sensors are not just for outdoor security use, they can be extremely useful inside the home too. For example, you might have some recessed spot lights inside your front door, very useful when you return home of an evening and you need to put down some shopping or remove your footwear, this can be made a great deal more convenient if you were to install a ceiling mounted PIR sensor as this would allow you to have all the light you need as soon as you enter your house, no need to stand in the doorway fumbling around for the light switch. This is one example of many that can make the operation of your interior lighting much easier and much more convenient.

There are energy saving advantages to be had too. Being energy efficient is not just about how much energy a luminaire or light light bulb consumes, it's also about only consuming that energy when it's actually required. For example, using a motion sensor to control the switching of your landing lights will eliminate all those times that they're left on long after somebody has traveled up or down the stairs. Depending on how good the people are in your household at turning lights off, the energy savings by doing this could be huge and your lights will last longer too.

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