The Most Popular Lighting Accessories

7" Continental Shade Carrier
7" Continental Shade Carrier. 7" high Continental carrier for lampshades. Ring size across 40mm but comes complete with a continental adapter to convert to a 30mm hole.
9" Shade Carrier Continental
9" Shade Carrier Continental. 9" Shade carrier for lampshades. Ring hole size across 40mm but comes supplied with a rubber reducer ring which converts it to a 30mm ring.
OA23/6 Shade Carrier
OA23/6 Shade Carrier. 6" high carrier for lampshades. Ring hole size across 40mm but is supplied with a rubber reducer ring that makes it 30mm in diameter. Most lamp holders will take a 40mm or 30mm lamp-holder but if yours is not please contact us for advice. This carrier is white finished.
HSE60T 12v 20 - 60w Transformer
HSE60T 12v 20 - 60w Transformer. 12v 20 - 60w low voltage lighting transformer. Dimmable with most high quality dimmer units. 11.5v to 12v AC Output. A suitable replacement for the YT50 transformer.
5" Continental Shade Carrier
5" Continental Shade Carrier. 5" high carrier for lampshades. Ring size across 40mm but comes complete with a continental adapter to convert to a 30mm hole.
ET60R Transformer 12V
ET60R Transformer 12V. 12 Volt dimmable transformer finished in black. Can take a maximum wattage of 60w but must have a minimum of 20w being used at any one time. Suitable for most low voltage halogen lamps and LED type fittings.
Continental Shade Adapter
Continental Shade Adapter. Shade ring. Continental shade adapter. Converts from a 40mm lamp holder to a standard UK 30mm lamp holder.
OA23/8 Shade Carrier
OA23/8 Shade Carrier. 8" Tall shade carrier that comes with a 40mm hole but is supplied with a 30mmm plastic reducer ring so it can be used with most standard lamp-holders which just simply attaches to it. Its made with a white finish.
1271-700mA LED Driver
1271-700mA LED Driver. The 1271 is low voltage LED driver for use with a 3w LED fitting. This driver is non dimmable and requires a constant current. The input voltage is 100-240VAC 50/60Hz and the constant current is DC700mA 0.5v-4v. This can only be wired in series. This compact driver has a white, plastic outer case.
05066 Ceiling Hook Fixing
05066 Ceiling Hook Fixing. OA09 Ceiling Hook Plate for fixing pendant lights to ceiling joists.
YZ228EAA-BALLAST For The EL10085
YZ228EAA-BALLAST For The EL10085. Spare ballast for the EL-10085 and the EL-10086 light fitting only.
SP68 Suspension Fitting
SP68 Suspension Fitting. Satin Chrome suspension fitting with a clear cable. For use with shade with a 40 mm gimble hole.
YT70 12v 70w Transformer
YT70 12v 70w Transformer. 0watt - 70watt soft start, dimmable electronic transformer. 220volt/240volt - 12volt. 11.5volt to 12volt AC Output. This transformer is finished in white plastic. The soft start feature on this transformer means that when switched on the lights will gently come on and get to brightness.
13750 Low voltage Transformer.
13750 Low voltage Transformer.. The Saxby low voltage 105 watt maximium electronic transformer that is dimmable and compatible with most low and mains voltage dimmers. Transformer also has over-load and short circuit protection, with thermal cut-out. Finished in black.
05166 ES Continental Lampholder
05166 ES Continental Lampholder. Black 10mm ES (edison screw) threaded lampholder. Suitable for repairs to broken lamps. This item is also earthed. Includes two black rings.
GU10 Replacement Lampholder
GU10 Replacement Lampholder. replacement GU10 halogen lamp holder. Can be used to change existing low voltage recessed spotlights to mains voltage, in order to eliminate the need for a transformer, without the need to replace the fitting itself. wires directly into the mains.
SP65 Suspension Light
SP65 Suspension Light. Ceiling suspension fitting that is suitable to add non electric lampshades. Finished off in a polished chrome colour and clear cable. The lampholder itself is a ES/E27 type screw thread. This fitting is height adjustable at point of installation.
YT105 12v 105w Transformer
YT105 12v 105w Transformer. A good quality 105w soft start dimmable electronic transformer made by Varilight. Suitable for use with low voltage recessed lighting systems including LED. Has an added feature of being dimmable and being soft start.
51925 LED 12v 24w Driver
51925 LED 12v 24w Driver. IP65 rated 24w LED driver suitable for all LED lighting units. Can be used either indoor or outdoor. May also be used in bathrooms. Made from polycarbonate. Suitable for use with the flexline range of LED strips.
05167 BC Continental Lampholder
05167 BC Continental Lampholder. Black continental BC (bayonet cap) lampholder complete with two rings.
5amp Plug for Lighting Circuits
5amp Plug for Lighting Circuits. 3 pin 5 Amp Plug for use on lighting circuits. Finished in White.
ACC30 Chain For Antler Light Fittings
ACC30 Chain For Antler Light Fittings. Chain for antler light fittings with an antique brass finish.
15272 Fluorescent Starter 4w-80w
15272 Fluorescent Starter 4w-80w. 220 - 220v/240v 4w-80w and Fluorescent starter with condenser.
IL60016 Kudo Suspension Kit
IL60016 Kudo Suspension Kit. Electrical suspension kit finished in antique brass that is suitable for non electric shades. 40mm hole sizes only with a ES/E27 edison screw fitting. Suitable to take heavier lampshades like glass or metal.
OA Drip 04 WH White Candle Drip
OA Drip 04 WH White Candle Drip. OA Drip 04 WH White plastic Candle Drip. 34mm x 80mm.

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We stock large quantities of Fire Protection, Lighting Accessories, Low Voltage Lighting Transformers and Shade Carriers, Frames and Shade Adaptors. We use our own warehousing to enable rapid and reliable delivery. We can also order in quickly from our suppliers with most delivering in to our warehouse daily.

Our range of Lighting Accessories is carefully selected to ensure good quality, a high level of reliability and excellent value for money.

If you have any questions about Lighting Accessories then please do not hesitate to contact any of our lighting team who will be happy to help.

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