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Lighting technology is developing all the time and some of the most impressive and innovative solutions now on the market are those featuring passive infrared (PIR) sensors. Whether you're looking for motion sensitive outdoor security lights, dusk-till-dawn illuminations or sensor-based lighting solutions for inside your home or business, we can help.

NightMatic 3000 Dusk Till Dawn Sensor
NightMatic 3000 Dusk Till Dawn Sensor. 2 variants available. A dusk till dawn sensor with night-time economy mode, a control dial can be us...
IS1 PIR Sensor
IS1 PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. The IS 1 has a tilt and swivel sensor allowing exact adjustment of the detection zone to suit individual requirements.
IS NM360 Black Steinel PIR Sensor
IS NM360 Black Steinel PIR Sensor. Black Square IP54 rated outdoor PIR sensor. It's concealed controls permit an almost new kind of functional flexibility. There are 4 sensor a...
Steinel IS140 2 PIR Sensor
Steinel IS140 2 PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. The IS 140-2 PIR sensor detects people with even greater accuracy and provides a uniquely constant r...
IS180 2 Pir Sensor
IS180 2 Pir Sensor. 3 variants available. 180° PIR sensor. IP54 rated. 1000w Max (Tungsten) or 500w Max (Fluorescent). Manufactured by Steinel Gmb, German Qua...
IS3180 Silver Wall Mounted Sensor
IS3180 Silver Wall Mounted Sensor. IP54 rated stainless steel effect finish wall mounted sensor, ideal for expansive premises and fronts of buildings. Angle of coverage: 180°...
Tilt and Twist PIR sensor
Tilt and Twist PIR sensor. 2 variants available. A pir sensor that is good quality yet good value for money. It has a high detection rang of up to 12m...
IS2180 5 Pir Sensor
IS2180 5 Pir Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated wall mounted sensor. Angle of coverage: 180° horizontally, 90° vertical, Reach 1-20m or 2-8m. Output:10...
IS240 Duo PIR Sensor
IS240 Duo PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated wall mounted sensor, ideal for large house fronts. Angle of coverage: 240° horizontally, 180° vertica...
IS360 Trio PIR Sensor
IS360 Trio PIR Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated ceiling mounted sensor, ideal all-round detection. Angle of coverage: 360° horizontally, 180° verti...
DUSW Dusk Switch Outdoor Sensor
DUSW Dusk Switch Outdoor Sensor. Switches lights on at dusk and off at a chosen period. Ideal for outdoor lighting during the evening, for security and convenience. It is 2-16 hours adjustable and...
NightMatic 2000 Dusk Till Dawn Sensor
NightMatic 2000 Dusk Till Dawn Sensor. 2 variants available. The NightMatic controller detects ambient brightness, automatically switching...
IS NM360 White Steinel PIR Sensor
IS NM360 White Steinel PIR Sensor. Outstanding functionality in a unique, new design. Theres no better way to describe this visually discreet yet insPIRingly different sensor. Its conc...
TWSW Twilight Dusk Till Dawn Switch
TWSW Twilight Dusk Till Dawn Switch. A very high quality outdoor light switch that is dusk to dawn sensitive. Will automatically switch on your lights once it's dark, then s...
IS130 2 Motion Detector
IS130 2 Motion Detector. 2 variants available. A infrared motion detector, for indoors and out, 130° angle of coverage with sneak-by protection, selectab...
IS300 Pir Sensor
IS300 Pir Sensor. 2 variants available. IP54 rated wall mounted sensor, ideal for monitoring corners. Angle of coverage: 300° horizontally, 180° vertical, Reach...

Unlike active motion sensors, which emit infrared beams, passive sensors simply detect sources of heat. PIR sensors for lighting can be used in a whole range of ways. For example, our PIR motion sensors can be connected to lights to provide a cost-effective security system. They are triggered by moving heat sources and can be highly effective at deterring intruders. Because they remain off for the rest of the time, they do not waste any electricity.

We also provide dusk-till-dawn outdoor sensors that automatically switch on when the sunlight starts to fade and remain on until the sun comes up. These solutions can be ideal if you want your outdoor area to remain bright throughout the night. Some of our designs can also be set to come on at dusk and then go off after a specified amount of time has elapsed.

If you would like to find out more about our range of outdoor wall lights with PIR sensors, and the other products we offer, simply take a look around our website. You shouldn't struggle to find solutions that meet all of your specifications. You can also get more information on these innovative systems by contacting our expert team by phone or email. We can answer any questions you might have about our products or services and are on hand to help you find the best possible sensors for your property. Meanwhile, if you’d like to see our products in person, simply take a trip to our showroom, which is located in Melksham, Wiltshire.

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