The Most Popular Crystal Lights

Nothing says that a homeowner has class and style more than a high quality crystal light. When most people think of crystal light fittings, they think of the opulent chandeliers that are found in big stately homes and the palaces of royalty, but there is much more to them than that.

3404-4CC Hanna Crystal Flush Ceiling Light
3404-4CC Hanna Crystal Flush Ceiling Light. Hanna 4 light halogen flush fitting finished in highly polished chrome. Adorned with crystal trimmings which are ball shaped attached to a circular ceiling plate via small chain links and extra crystal decoration. Can be cleaned using a crystal cleaning spray or a duster. Supplied with 4 x 33w G9 Lamps.
IL30431 Piazza Crystal Ceiling Light
IL30431 Piazza Crystal Ceiling Light. Ceiling flush light that has a square frame with rings of metal finished in polished chrome with each small ring being encrusted with octagon crystal pieces to complete the look of this sparking light. Supplied with 4 x 40W Max G9 Lamps
699-5 Marie Therese Crystal Chandelier
699-5 Marie Therese Crystal Chandelier. 5 Light Crystal Chandelier ceiling fitting. Polished Brass finish with delicately trimmed with Crystal glass droplets, acrylic arms and metal candle tubes. Designed in the classic but timeless Marie Therese style. The weight of this product is 3.8kg. Takes 5 x 60w Max E14 Candle lamps (not included).
1711-11CC Crystal Pendant Light
1711-11CC Crystal Pendant Light. Ceiling pendant fitting that a chrome framed body with matching chain and ceiling plate. It has been decorated with drapes of crystal pieces that have been beaded together that hang from the top to the centre of the fitting. The centre has a ring of crystal pieces inserted in the frame. The bottom half has layers of crystal droplets set at different lengths to complete the look. This can be height adjusted if required upon install. Requires 11 x 40watt E14 Bulbs(not included).
2402-2CC Hanna Crystal Wall Light
2402-2CC Hanna Crystal Wall Light. Contemporary designed wall light that has a chrome finished frame and a circular ring on which hangs rows of beaded crystal pieces and on the end of each bead is a larger crystal sphere to complete the look. It simply sparkles once illuminated that adds style to any room. Supplied with 2 x 33 watt G9 lamps.(equivalent to 2 x 40 watt G9 lamps).
IL31372 Colorado Crystal Spiral Pendant
IL31372 Colorado Crystal Spiral Pendant. Colorado crystal pendant decorated with an array of large and small asfour crystals pieces that are displayed on hanging wires. Crystals are designed in a spiral pattern and hang from a polished chrome ceiling plate that once illuminated creates a beautiful light effect. Supplied with 1 x 50w GU10 bulb.
IL30261 Esta Round Flush Ceiling Light
IL30261 Esta Round Flush Ceiling Light. Round crystal flush light finished in polished chrome, light has a glass diffuser and is decorated with crystals. A single crystal sphere hangs in the centre. Supplied with 4 x 33w G9 bulbs. Ideal for low ceilings.
IL30432 Piazza Crystal Ceiling Light
IL30432 Piazza Crystal Ceiling Light. Modern style ceiling mounted 8 light fitting, finished with polished chrome trim with crystal circle decoration. 12% lead crystal content. Supplied with 8 x 40W Max G9 Lamps
RUB0450 Ruby Semi Flush Light
RUB0450 Ruby Semi Flush Light. Semi-flush ceiling mounted crystal light, finished in polished chrome. It has a circular ceiling plate with beads of crystal droplets. There are larger crystal spheres also. Once illuminated it gives off an array of sparkle. Supplied with 4 x 40W max G9 Lamps
399-2 Marie Therese Crystal Wall Light
399-2 Marie Therese Crystal Wall Light. Marie Therese Crystal 2 Light Wall fitting, Chrome finish, delicately Trimmed with Crystal Glass Droplets. Requires 2 x 60w Max E14 Candle lamps (not included).
399-5 Marie Therese Crystal Chandelier
399-5 Marie Therese Crystal Chandelier. An elegant looking chandelier that is supported by a chain and ceiling bracket. The chandelier has a beautiful central column that consists of a curved shaped feature with crystal glass sconces. The arms are made from acrylic and are also decorated with crystal glass candle holders and chrome candle sleeves. Crystal beading and droplets are also used to add elegance to the chandelier. Requires 5 x 60w Max E14 Candle lamps (not included).
6404-4CC Hanna Crystal Light Fitting
6404-4CC Hanna Crystal Light Fitting. Hanna four light crystal fitting finished in polished chrome. The plate is decorated with lots of crystal droplets that are put into rows. Once illuminated it gives out an amazing array of sparkle that would dazzle any room. This fitting is a semi-flush type so its ideal for low ceilings. Supplied with 4 x 40W Max G9 halogen Lamps.
7673-3CC Chrome Pendant Ceiling Light
7673-3CC Chrome Pendant Ceiling Light. A beautifully decorated ceiling pendant that is decorated with various clear crystal beading with large and smaller crystals connected. The main frame of the light has curved features that connect to a central column with the three bulb holders attached. Finished in chrome. Requires 3 x 60w E14 candle bulbs (not included).
CFH011025 12 CH Parma Flush Light
CFH011025 12 CH Parma Flush Light. High quality 12 light lead crystal flush fitting,this has a round ceiling plate, and is finished in polished chrome with a mass of quality pyramid shaped crystal droplets. Weight of the fitting is 17. 9kg.Can be cleaned using a dry cloth. Supplied with 12 x 40w G9 Lamps
1375-5CC Empire Pendant Light
1375-5CC Empire Pendant Light. Crystal pendant light with 3 different sized layers with crystal droplets, and a single crystal at the bottom supported on a thin chain. Requires 5 x 40w E14 candle bulbs (not included).
1611-6CC Crystal Pendant Chandelier
1611-6CC Crystal Pendant Chandelier. Six light crystal chandelier with a chrome frame covered in a combination of small and larger crystals. It is suspended on a chain that is also attached to a circular ceiling plate in a matching colour. The height can be adjusted very easily at the point of installation if its required. Takes 6 x 40w E14 candle bulbs which are not included with this product.
215-5 Hale Barley Twist Chandelier
215-5 Hale Barley Twist Chandelier. Hale barley twist crystal chandelier with glass arms and a chrome finish, complimented with delicately trimmed strands of Strass crystal. The light is suspended on a chain which can be height adjusted upon installation. takes 5 x 60w Max. E14 Candle Lamps (not included).
3404-4GO Hanna Crystal Light
3404-4GO Hanna Crystal Light. Ceiling flush style fitting. It has a polished gold finished circular ceiling base that comes decorated with crystal large sphere droplets combined with smaller droplets. Once in use the crystals combined with the halogen lamps give out an array of sparkle that will dazzle any room. Supplied with 4 x 40W Max G9 Lamps
3406-6GO Hanna Crystal Light
3406-6GO Hanna Crystal Light. Flush ceiling fitting with a round ceiling plate that is finished in polished gold and comes complete with crystal droplets that form a downward facing pyramid shape. As this is a flush style fitting it is ideal for lower ceilings. Supplied with 6 x 40W Max G9 Lamps
3408-8GO Hanna Crystal Ceiling Light
3408-8GO Hanna Crystal Ceiling Light. Eight light crystal ceiling fitting. It has a round ceiling plate with a gold finish. It has lots of quality crystal spheres suspended from the above plate. The crystals are arranged into a circular pattern that get smaller as you goes inwards. Ideal for low ceilings. Supplied with 8 x 40W max G9 halogen lamps.
HK/CHANDON1 Single Silver Wall Light
HK/CHANDON1 Single Silver Wall Light. A beautiful looking single wall light finished in sterling silver. The fitting has a rectangular wall bracket with a fixed curved arm, on the arm is a stunning lamp holder consisting of a solid crystal finial and a large clear optic glass shade that allows the full brightness from the bulb to be exposed. Requires 1 x 60watt maximum E14 SES candle bulb that is not included.
5175-5 Crystal Waterfall Pendant
5175-5 Crystal Waterfall Pendant. A stunning chandelier with countless amounts of arms that each hold crystal droplets. The main frame is finished in a gold colour. The light is suspended by a chain that connect to a ceiling plate. The height can be adjusted by simply removing the links of chain. Requires 5 x 60w Max. SES candle lamps (not included).
5402-2CC Hanna Wall Light
5402-2CC Hanna Wall Light. Double wall light that is beautifully decorated with clear crystal beaded trimmings that have larger crystal balls attached. The frame consists of a solid wall plate with a narrow bracket that protudes out allowing the crystal trimmings to fix on with tiny metal clips. Finished in polished chrome. Supplied with 2 x 33 watt G9 lamps.
6629-24CC Sonja Crystal Pendant Light
6629-24CC Sonja Crystal Pendant Light. Low voltage ceiling pendant with a chrome finish. It has a round ceiling bracket that has a matching hanging wire attached which supports the main feature. The main light has a central sphere with arms that project out that has a light source on the ends. It has also been decorated with metal curved arms with delicate crystal balls. Supplied with 24 x 10W Max G4 Lamps.
6808-8CC Chrome Ceiling Light
6808-8CC Chrome Ceiling Light. An attractive eight light ceiling fitting finished in chrome. The fitting has beautifully decorated arms that are encrusted with delicate crystal beading. The arms are spread evenly around a circular feature that is supported on a single rod and ceiling bracket. Requires 8 x 60w E14 candle bulbs (not included).

Crystal lights come in many forms, from pendant models to decadent floor and ceiling lamps, which means that they can be utilised by homeowners, no matter how big or small their homes may be and no matter what their personal taste.

The great thing about crystal lighting is that it can be used in so many ways. For example, a simple table lamp can be added to an modest reading room to add a touch of sophistication or large chandelier can be installed in a dining room to provide a sense of dramatic decadence.

We stock a wide range of crystal fixtures in a huge number of styles, which means that anyone can add one to their home and it will look like it belongs. From antique style pendants to modern halogen installations, we have them all.

Of course, the most popular lighting to incorporate crystals is still the effortlessly stylish chandelier. Although the classic drop chandelier is still very popular, much more contemporary designs are also gaining status and can be used everywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen, to add a touch of sparkle to the home.

For the more subtle approach, chrome and crystal wall options are an ideal solution, and can add interesting accents to any room.

To find out more about crystal fittings, take a look at our irresistible range at The Lighting Superstore. You’re sure to find something you like. Need help choosing the right fitting for your home, why not give us a call today? Our customer service staff are on hand to help.

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